Oregon IAWP Sponsors Family-Friendly Karaoke FUNdraiser for Mental Health Awareness

The Oregon Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) joined hands with NAMI Oregon, a state organization under the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to sponsor a unique and engaging fundraising event. The “Sunday Karaoke Funday” was held at Ruzzo’s TapRoom in Damascus, Oregon aimed at raising awareness and funds for mental health services in the community.

A Harmonious Blend of Fun and Purpose

The event featured karaoke hosted by Steven D, also known as Steve Strain, who graciously donated his DJ fee back to IAWP as a way to foster community involvement. Thanks to the sponsorship, IAWP members gained free admission, bypassing the usual cover charge, and also received two free raffle tickets for various drawings throughout the evening.

“The idea behind this FUNdraiser was to create an enjoyable space where we can all come together, have fun, and also contribute towards a meaningful cause,” said Steve Strain, who is also a member of IAWP. “Music is a universal language that unites people, and what better way to support mental health than through a shared love for music?”

About NAMI Oregon

NAMI Oregon is an independent, grassroots organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness, as well as their families and loved ones. Operating under the larger umbrella of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the organization offers a range of educational, supportive, and advocacy programs across its 15 local chapters in Oregon.

Gary Marschke, Outreach & Development Manager for NAMI Oregon, expressed his gratitude in a statement, saying, “Thank you Oregon Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals for sponsoring our family-friendly Sunday Karaoke event at Ruzzo’s Retreat. Thanks to their generous support, both money and voices were raised in support of mental health services for those in crisis.

Strengthening Community Involvement

For IAWP, this sponsorship was an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to community service and social responsibility. By sponsoring the event, IAWP not only supported mental health awareness but also offered its members a unique way to engage with the community.

A Night to Remember

The event successfully blended fun with purpose, attracting a diverse crowd who sang their hearts out in support of mental health awareness. The sponsorship allowed for not just a great evening but also for considerable funds to be directed towards NAMI’s efforts in Oregon.

For those who missed this entertaining yet purposeful gathering, there is always a ‘next time’ as the organizers hope to make it a recurring event. “Sponsoring this FUNdraiser was just the beginning,” Steve Strain hinted. “We look forward to continuing this collaboration and raising both our voices and funds for a cause that impacts us all.”