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Don't Just Work. Excel.

Don't Just Work. Excel.

As a world-wide organization, IAWP helps more workforce development professionals…

    • Develop new skills
    • Build lasting relationships
    • Take the next step in their career

"IAWP has been crucial to being able to establish key connections in my field and stay current in workforce development. I wouldn't be where I am today professionally and personally without IAWP. And no matter how much I think I already know, I have 'aha' moments at every conference I attend. I believe all members can have these moments either during workshops, conference sessions, talking with fellow members about what they do, in addition to sharing information and best practices. There is nowhere else I know of where we can connect to others who are in the 'trenches' doing the same work we do with individuals on the front line every day."

Kathy Gundlach - Manager, Colorado Office of Compliance
IAWP Member Since 2009

"IAWP has afforded me the opportunity to meet Workforce Development professionals from around the globe. I have utilized some of their best practices in my own day to day tasks, improving my service skills to the citizens of Ohio.

Being able to network and connect with individuals has proven to be an invaluable resource."

BJ Knutson

"IAWP feeds my soul both professionally and personally. The training I receive through IAWP gives me the skills I need to do my job, develops me as a person and connects me with workforce professionals from around the world."

Donna Glacken ,
Washington Employment Security Department

"If you are seeking to step up your professional and personal game, and excel in delivering exceptional service to your customers, then IAWP is a must!!"

Walton Roper III
-New York State Department of Labor

IAWP Helps Workforce Development Professionals Take the Next Step in Their Careers


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As workforce development professionals we are impacted daily by updates and changes in programs that the federal government makes.  Watch this free webinar to learn the latest on what is happening in Washington DC and how it might impact you on the front lines of the workforce system.

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