Today’s Organizations Still Have Work to Do with Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

While organizations are prioritizing creating more diverse workforces and inclusive corporate cultures, many still have a long way to go. Just 58% of human resources (HR) professionals say their workforce reflects the demographics of the current marketplace and fewer than one-third rate their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives as highly effective.

A new study highlights the fact that nearly two-thirds agree or strongly agree that pay is equitable in their organization. However, only 16% say equitable pay is a top priority among executives, and one-fifth say that equitable pay is not a priority at all for their organization.

The research also reveals that organizations that have more effective DEI initiatives are more likely than others to:

  • have support from management and offer programs to improve equity in the leadership ranks
  • make their DEI initiatives more strategic and use more advanced metrics
  • emphasize DEI in other HR processes such as talent acquisition and succession planning
  • provide employee training for inclusivity and equity
  • offer more inclusive employee benefits

Download the full report here which includes details on thirteen key takeaways to help HR departments gain insights into how to advance DEI initiatives to achieve greater long-term organizational success.