Wally Roper’s Multi-Faceted Expertise: Leading IAWP Into the Future

In a momentous event that reflects his longstanding commitment to public service and career development, Floyd Walton Roper III, better known as “Wally,” has been inaugurated as the President of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP). A man of multifaceted talent and experience, Wally brings with him an enviable track record and a commitment to enriching the field of workforce development. 

Early Life and Career

Wally was born and raised in Binghamton, New York. A product of the Binghamton Public Schools, he continued his education at Broome Community College, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the State University of New York at Oswego. His initial foray into the working world was in the insurance industry. He then transitioned to broadcasting, adding a unique set of skills to his resume while working for local radio stations WNBF and WINR. 

A Turn to Public Service

In 1994, Wally made a pivotal career switch to public service, starting as an Employment Counselor at Broome County Social Services. Subsequently, he joined the New York State Department of Labor, where he quickly ascended the ranks. By 2004, he had been promoted to Supervisor/Specialist in Operations Support at the Glendale Telephone Claims Center. In this role, he not only served as an employer liaison but also utilized his broadcasting skills as the “Voice of New York,” recording the IVR prompts for the Unemployment Insurance system and several other divisions within the Department of Labor. 

Lifelong Commitment to Community

Wally’s engagement with the community goes beyond his professional achievements. He is a Life Member of the Endwell Fire Department and has served as its Fire Police Captain for several years. Wally and his wife, Mary Jury Roper, who met while working at WINR radio station, have also been community anchors. They currently serve on Johnson City Senior Center Board of Directors and previously, co-emceed the Vestal Community Chorus concerts, embodying their love for community engagement and the arts. 

An Association Leader

Wally has been a member of IAWP since 1999, serving in various capacities including as President, Vice President, and Awards Chair of the New York chapter. His recent elevation to President of the international body reaffirms his commitment to the development and improvement of workforce professionals globally. 

With a president who embodies such a rich blend of professional and personal qualities, the International Association of Workforce Professionals is undoubtedly poised for a new era of growth and effectiveness. Wally’s experience and passion for public service, community involvement, and professional development make him the ideal leader for the IAWP, as it continues to provide essential services, resources, and networking opportunities for workforce professionals around the world.