Older Workers Should Invest in Training To Combat Ageism

According to Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain in the newly released “Job & Hiring Trends 2020” report, the 65+ demographic is working longer than past generations and shows no signs of retiring for good. “Senior citizens today are healthier, more engaged, and working longer than past generations,” says Chamberlain. “A ‘gray wave’ of senior citizens will be impacting the workforce in coming years, both in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Mature employees and job seekers bring a vast skillset and tremendous experience to open jobs, combined with a strong professional network that rivals any social-media-savvy Gen Zer. And despite the preconceptions of older workers, reports show they are just as open to learning and development as their young peers.

“This historic surge of 65+ workers in the coming decades is also likely to surface new challenges — most importantly, rising ageism in the workplace — that employers will be under increasing pressure to combat,” says Chamberlain. Glassdoor’s recent  2019 Diversity and Inclusion Study revealed that ageism is the most experienced or witnessed form of discrimination in both the U.S. (45 percent) and UK (39 percent). Nevertheless, the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects individuals over the age of 40 in a range of employment actions including hiring, firing, pay, promotions, job assignments, layoffs, trainings and benefits.

The best way for older workers to prepare for 2020 and silence the ageism haters is to invest in upskilling and training. Whether that’s taking online classes or becoming certified as a CPA or real estate agent, few recruiters can argue with an experienced resume plus the latest skills. Dr. Chamberlain adds, “Employers who invest in relevant, accessible learning programs in 2020 and beyond will be best positioned to attract, retain and benefit from the aging workforce of tomorrow.”

Learn more about the biggest job and hiring trends for 2020 by reading Glassdoor’s Job & Hiring Trends 2020.

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