Oregon Member Excels in Bringing New Members to IAWP

It takes a person with a special skill set and drive to sign-up not ten, not twenty, not fifty, but over seventy new members. Erika Motzko (OR) did just that over the past year leading the Oregon Chapter to nearly double in size. Erika worked to make sure every colleague in her unit became a member. When she went to one of the unemployment insurance contact (call) centers she immediately saw untapped members and went to work bringing people into our organization. Erika single-handedly planned multiple chili feeds for the Oregon Employment Department Central Office with a simple premise: become a member, get free lunch!

A member since 2013, Erika quietly got involved with her local sub-chapter. In 2014, Erika received a scholarship from the Oregon Chapter to attend the international conference in Portland. It was then, like many of us, that she realized how special this organization is and knew she wanted to get more involved. Erika became the Capital Sub-Chapter President and works diligently to organize events for members and non-members. She currently serves on the Oregon Chapter Board as Fundraising Chair organizing revenue generating events such as a winter and spring bazaar, wreath sales during the holidays, and berry sales in the summer. Between all this, she still finds time and sees it as her responsibility to grow our membership base.

Article by Grant Axtell and Photo by Stephanie Stevens