Do you want to expand your career advancement options and provide the best service to your workforce customers?  One of the best ways to achieve both is to attain the the Certified Workforce Professional (CWP) designation from IAWP. The CWP helps individuals stay abreast of ever changing laws and regulations, trends in the workforce profession, and prepare for the future. In addition to individuals, organizations can ensure that their team is prepared to meet the needs their customers and clients in the workforce system by special CWP group options.

Reasons to Earn the CWP

  • Career advancement and development
  • Distinguish yourself as a Workforce Professional
  • Improve your skills to serve workforce system customers
  • Organizations – Ensure staff have the skills they need

After completing the Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP) and gaining 30 hours of approved workforce development training you are eligible to apply for your CWP*.  To support you, IAWP provides professional development opportunities, the annual Workforce Development Conference, and approved training through IAWP Chapters.

The CWP credential after your name shows you are part of an outstanding group of workforce professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in workforce issues as well as shows current and potential employers your initiative in developing, maintaining, and improving your career skills within the workforce field.

*As an option, you may apply with 80 hours of approved educational credit without completing the WPDP.

IAWP - Member Benefits (Hertz Discount)