Workforce and Personal Development Online Training

Time Management – Mini Course – 10 Minutes – Free to Members

Everyone is given the same twenty-four hours every day. How you use them is up to you, and in this mini-course we’ll look at tips from some of the world’s top experts in time management, including Stephen Covey, Dave Crenshaw, Peter Drucker, and Tim Ferriss.

Awkward at the Office – Workplace Harassment – 60 minutes – $29.99


Sexual and Workplace Harassment training is a pervasive problem in the business world. Employers are forced to offer – and employees are forced to sit through – training sessions that are important and necessary and yet also mind-numbingly boring.

This course is different! Built by a team of millennial’s, using the latest research on engaging course design as well as professional videography and content, Awkward at the Office uses a combination of story vignettes, motion graphics, and Bigger Brains’ award-winning Teacher/Learner style to effectively convey this important topic.

Managing Emails – 49 minutes – $29.99

For many people email is a source of stress, when it really should be a valuable productivity tool. In this course we’ll show you how to combine email best practices with the tools in Microsoft Outlook in order to effectively manage your email.

Persuasion – The Art of Communication – 75 minutes – $29.99

There are many reasons why we communicate – to inform, to share our viewpoint, to educate, and to sell. Communications guru Barbara Evers would argue that all these forms of communication are in fact forms of persuasion. In this course Barbara Evers and Wofford Jones walk through tips and techniques to take advantage of when you’re seeing to communicate and persuade.

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