Welcome to the NYDOL & IAWP Membership Opportunities

Dear New Employee,

Welcome to the New York Department of Labor (NYDOL)! We’re excited to have you join our team and embark on a rewarding career in workforce development. As you step into this dynamic field, we encourage you to explore professional development opportunities, including membership in the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP).

Why Join IAWP?

IAWP offers two membership tiers designed to support your career goals: Premium Membership and Regular Membership. Each tier provides distinct benefits to enhance your professional journey:

Elevate Your Expertise with Premium Membership:

  • Workforce Learn: Access over 50 free online courses, covering various workforce development topics. Continuously develop your skills and stay current!
  • IAWP News: Gain exclusive insights, cutting-edge research, and emerging trends in workforce development delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Newsline: Receive the latest industry news, expert analysis, and valuable member updates through our comprehensive newsletter.
  • Workforce Professional Development Program: Enjoy a 50% discount on this prestigious program to enhance your leadership skills and set yourself apart.
  • Professional Certification: Gain a competitive edge and showcase your dedication to excellence with a 50% discount on IAWP certification.

Stay Connected with Basic Membership:

  • IAWP Newsletter: Stay up-to-date on industry trends, emerging practices, and IAWP activities, ensuring you’re connected to the workforce development community.
  • IAWP Newsline: Access timely news and information on relevant topics, keeping you informed about the latest developments.

New York Chapter Benefits:

Both memberships grant access to the New York chapter of IAWP, offering:

  • Localized support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Lunch and Learn – Virtual educational programs

Investing in Your Future:

Regardless of the membership tier you choose, joining IAWP opens doors to growth, professional connections, and career advancement. Together, we can elevate workforce excellence and create positive change for individuals and organizations worldwide.

Click Here to Join IAWP Today!

Visit the IAWP website for more information and membership options. We encourage you to invest in your future and unlock a world of possibilities with IAWP.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you as a valued member of the NYDOL and IAWP.