US Labor Department Awards More Than $30M in Grants to Improve States’ Unemployment Insurance Programs

The U.S. Department of Labor announced awards totaling approximately $30.4 million to 39 workforce agencies nationwide for initiatives to improve the delivery and management of state unemployment programs.

The funds will support efforts to improve UI program operations, better assist those eligible for the program, prevent and detect improper UI benefit payments, and modernize outdated information technology systems to ensure program efficiency.

Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Portia Wu said, “These grants will help states modernize their UI programs, and ensure system integrity, so that those who qualify are receiving the support and services they need.”

These grants will fund the development of strategies to prevent and detect improper payments to individuals that continue to claim UI after returning to work, fraud prevention strategies, the Treasury Offset Program for recovery of overpayments, improving accessibility to the UI program, establish reemployment strategies, and continue support of state consortia for modernization of the program.

The awards include four state consortia grants totaling approximately $14.5 million for projects designed to improve overall program quality, performance, and integrity.