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US Labor Department Awards $112M in Grants for Reemployment Services, Eligibility Assessments in 50 States, Territories

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The U.S. Department of Labor today awarded $112 million to 50 state and territorial workforce agencies, including those in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia, to operate reemployment services and eligibility assessments programs for those receiving unemployment insurance benefits. Estimates based on the budgets in the past 10 years show that the program has reduced individual use of UI services by approximately one-and-a-half weeks, saving on average $3 for every dollar spent in costs.

This is the 12th year that the department has awarded grants through this initiative. Recipients prioritize RESEA services to transitioning, honorably discharged veterans and individuals likely to exhaust their UI benefits.

According to Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Portia Wu. “Today’s grant awards will ensure unemployed individuals have a wide array of workforce services available and can continue to be eligible for UI services.”

The funds will be used to connect participants with in-person assessments and re-employment services  through their local their local American Job Centers including developing an individual re-employment plan; providing relevant and timely labor market information, identifying job skills and employment prospects; and reviewing claimant’s continued eligibility for UI benefits.

2016 Re-employment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants

State Funds Awarded State Funds Awarded
Alabama $250,444 Missouri $769,758
Alaska $130,293 Montana $702,997
Arizona $648,946 Nebraska $441,477
Arkansas $143,429 Nevada $2,070,137
California $12,698,079 New Hampshire $1,295,354
Colorado $364,416 New Jersey $1,917,219
Connecticut $913,219 New Mexico $635,048
Delaware $564,658 New York $20,270,329
District of Columbia $525,182 North Carolina $4,438,192
Florida $5,714,020 Ohio $3,002,253
Georgia $202,171 Oklahoma $1,054,169
Hawaii $1,075,361 Oregon $5,221,196
Idaho $749,790 Pennsylvania $1,290,160
Illinois $1,245,566 Puerto Rico $302,442
Indiana $4,404,403 Rhode Island $1,249,242
Iowa $1,613,534 South Carolina $1,144,308
Kansas $748,455 South Dakota $305,187
Kentucky $561,932 Tennessee $2,963,132
Louisiana $1,800,284 Utah $1,889,591
Maine $772,659 Vermont $100,000
Maryland $1,325,350 Virgin Islands $264,643
Massachusetts $6,251,469 Virginia $1,766,845
Michigan $1,550,610 Washington $9,192,063
Minnesota $1,646,396 West Virginia $358,083
Mississippi $998,544 Wisconsin $2,456,965

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