Workforce Professional Development Program

The Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP) is a series of study guides and examinations designed to measure and recognize an individual’s knowledge of workforce development programs. Created in 1988, WPDP gives workforce professionals an opportunity to enhance knowledge and career growth. Several State Workforce Development Agency training programs have incorporated WPDP and recognize it as a useful tool.

The coursework consists of a series of study guides and tests to increase your knowledge about the workforce development system.


  • History of Workforce Development (Units 1-4)
  • Unemployment Insurance (Units 1-4)
  • Labor Market Information (Units 1-4)
  • Business and Job Seeker (Units 1-4)


  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • 75% correct answers to pass (19 out of 25)
  • Tests are online


  • 36 months to complete each module
  • Once you complete all the WPDP units you will receive a WPDP Master designation and are qualified to apply for certification as a  Certified Workforce Professional (CWP).


After the IAWP Administrative Office receives your application and payment you will be sent the study guides in a PDF document via e-mail.  Once you have studied the guides and are ready to take the exam, you complete the “Intent to Test” portion of the application form and send it to the IAWP Administrative Office.  There is no additional charge for the testing – it’s included in the original application fee.  Once the Administrative Office receives your Intent to Test, you will be sent a link via e-mail to the on-line exam(s) and then you can take the test(s) from anywhere you have access to a computer connected to the Internet.