Tomorrow’s “What’s Hot and What’s Not” In the Job Market

It is no surprise that technology is changing the workforce. However, according to a new report certain customer-facing service jobs will disappear at a stunning rate in as few as 8 years.

Fear not, though. Many of those disappearing jobs will be replaced by higher paying careers in these specific fields: medical research, mental health and information security. These 3 fields are anticipated to increase by well over 20% in the same period.

Many of these trends already existed, but researchers learned COVID and the dangers of personal interactions greatly accelerated them. With that in mind, the team analyzed data from several sources including the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Statista and Pew Research Center, to come up with this report: “Top Jobs That Are About to Disappear and Jobs About to Emerge Due to COVID“.

7 Jobs That Are About to Disappear Due to COVID:

Travel Agents
Projected change 2019-29: -25.9%

Hotel Clerks
Projected change 2019-29: -22.0%

News Vendors
Projected change 2019-29: -20.0%

Projected change 2019-29: -19.8%

Restaurants Hosts & Hostesses
Projected change 2019-29: -18.0%

Fast Food Cooks
Projected change 2019-29: -13.4%

Movie Projectionists
Projected change 2019-29: -11.2%

3 Jobs That Are About to Emerge Because of COVID:

Information Security Analysts
Projected change 2019-29: +43%

The 43% projected increase is based on data that accounts for COVID’s impact on cybersecurity, which saw more hacking opportunities abound. According to a survey released by the Information Systems Security Association and Enterprise Strategy Group, information security professionals saw a 63% increase in cyber-attacks due to COVID.

Medical Scientists
Projected change 2019-29: +30.7%

This +30.7 percentage represents roughly 40,000 new jobs. The increase is due to COVID because the data expects more attention will be given to pandemic preparedness in the future. Medical scientists are being tapped to provide governments and individuals with advice on how to best survive the pandemic.

Mental Health Counselors
Projected change 2019-29: +24.7%

Not a surprise that the emotional stresses of quarantining and lockdowns affected many people’s mental states. Enter the need for mental health counselors. Per a January 2021 survey, 41% of surveyed adults reported experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Kaiser Family Foundation found that number compares drastically to the 11% who responded the same before COVID.