The Upside of Change and Our Audacity to Thrive

Why is change so widely unattractive? Is it because change indicates a flaw or failure in the system? Is it because change is uncomfortable? Change, like failures, is unavoidable, and it causes us to rethink our plans, rethink our motives and rethink our potential. Understanding its components on an individual level can help us relate it to an organizational level. Change is important to understand as it affects many facets of our life, career, and relationships. Its effect on the individual is of great importance as it will filter through and influence other areas of our lives. Both change and failure can create fear and uncertainty and it is important to understand what to do when it occurs and preparing for them when they happen.

  • Learn how to spot the “upside of failures” and thrive in the midst of that experience.
  • Discover how a “growth mindset” is the difference between quitting after a failure and/or applying what you learn from that failure to succeed.
  • Learn how the corporate landscape has changed the way we work now and will work by 2020.
  • Learn how the workers are more inspired, changing from individual contributors to collaborative cohorts.
  • Understand how our “reactions” to change makes change easy or hard, tolerable or intolerable, not the change itself.
  • Find out how your initial reaction to change tell more about who you are than any personality assessment

Your presenter, Tiana Sanchez has 17 years of managerial and training experience working with CEO’s and Educators alike towards more qualified, capable and confident workforce. We work with organizations that are in a “state of change” and struggling to meet corporate objectives resulting in mediocre performance and low productivity. We are dedicated to improving overall performance through assessment, training, coaching, solution-based strategies and self-mastery.