Terri Pasternik

Greetings Fellow International Association of Workforce Professional (IAWP) Colleagues, Friends and Potential New Members

I am excited to be the International President of our association. I continue to look to the future, working with all of you not only as an International Officer, but a proud IAWP member. Over the last few years I have served in various roles at both the Chapter and International levels and have found that in each position or role I have held, I learn more about what our association stands for. I also continue to be humbled and proud of the commitment and dedication of our members. This organization truly creates bonds of friendship and develops professional relationships that last decades. What a testament to the validity of our association.

Over the last year, I have pulled out the 100th Anniversary book and looked at the Presidential themes over the last 35 years and honestly struggled to come up with something new and innovative; something to reflect our changing organization, that also reflects my passion and the resolve that only we as members can make this work. I have said it before and I will say it again….It is not what can IAWP do for me…. It is what can I do for IAWP. We have to make the effort to change and grow. With that said, I have chosen “Be the Change … Make a Difference” as my theme.

I ask that all of you continue your commitment to this organization. We all know why we participate and belong to IAWP. It is because of the sense of satisfaction that something you worked on was successfully implemented and made a difference in someone’s life; be it a fellow member or a job seeker who benefited from what you may have learned at a conference or training session.

Moving forward in our second century we need to continue our momentum. My job will be to continue implementing the strategic goals and plans your Board of Directors have been working on over the last few years. The list is long and we went into this process knowing that this was a multi-year effort. Along with each consecutive board, we will continue implementing the recommendations and strategies that work for all of us.

I have been a member of IAWP since 1991. I have attended 23 conferences in the last 25 years. Each year when I attend the conference I feel energized and return to both my job and my role in IAWP ready to work and make a difference. Truly in our positions in our agencies, in our roles in our community and IAWP, we make a difference. Every small act can change someone’s life, whether we know it or not.

I am a 36 year employee of the Illinois Department of Employment Security. I am the Statewide Call Center Manager, managing two UI Call Centers with a combined staff of 112. During my career at IDES I have worked in many areas of my agency; including Revenue (Analyst), Employment Services (Program Manager), Field Operations (Representative, Supervisor, Call Center Manager) and have had the opportunity to work on the design and implementation of 3 major systems. I have had an incredible career and a great many opportunities within my agency; some of them because of IAWP.

I am proud to represent this association and work toward changes you would like to see to keep us strong and moving forward. The next few years will bring about incredible changes. We will make tough decisions and insist on full commitment and participation from your Board. We need to continue the momentum with hard work and passion. Change is hard, change is scary, but change is our future. Be the Change…Make a Difference!