Stephanie Stevens

Oregon Employment Dept

Operation and Policy Analyst



1999-2002 Secretary Oregon Chapter 2002-2004 President Capital Sub – Chapter 2004-2005 Past President Capital Sub – Chapter 2005-2009 Oregon Chapter International Development Chair 2006-2010 Treasurer Oregon Chapter 2007-2010 Member of International Development Committee International 2008-2009 Oregon Chapter IAWP Liaison for the National Adjudication Conference 2010-2011 President Elect Oregon Chapter 2010-2011 International Development Vice-Chair International 2010-2011 International Unemployment Insurance Committee Member 2011-2012 President Oregon Chapter 2011-2012 Legislative Chair International 2012-2013 Past President Oregon Chapter 2012-2014 Local Arrangements Coordinator for Portland 2014 2013-2014 Program Chair for Oregon Chapter 2013-2016 IAPES Foundation Board Member 2014-2015 District VII Director Elect 2015-2016 District VII Director 2016 – 2018 Secretrary/Treasurer Oregon Chapter 2016 – 2017 Flash Editor 2017-2018 International Membership Chair 2018 – 2019 International Award Chair 2018 – 2019 District VII Director

Polk County Mounted Posse – President, Treasurer and other positions Polk Co Search and Rescue – Logistics Coordinator

I have planned and organized numerous state conferences. This included developing working relationships with current board members, reaching out to procure speakers, and managing those speakers from their time of commitment through the conference. Through the process I remained open to ideas and flexible as information and data changed.  Currently I am coordinating our unit Food Drive events in which my committee and I have had meetings to plan out our methods of fundraising, broken down tasks to do, and developed schedules for people to serve and help when and where needed.

Had one on one conversations, did research, participated in group discussions, gave input to support or detail why I was in disagreement, and in the end supported the decision of the group as a whole.

I prefer in person communication but can also agree to other forms such as email or phone.  I feel that you can get a better feel for what a person is thinking when you can see their body language and facial expressions as well as the verbal content.

In a workplace consolidation of units, I was the lead for one of the three groups involved. I solicited information held meetings, proposed solutions, researched information, and smoothed issues as they came up. I proposed training and a plan for future needs.  The outcome is that we have a combined unit that is on a path of continued learning and cross training.

I have been a key point of contact in my state for signing up new members, maintaining those memberships, hosting and planning trainings, conferences, district conferences.  I have helped host membership drives, membership appreciations, retiree events, fundraisers and community donations.  I have written awards and promoted the awards program over the years.  I have mentored new officers and been a point of historical knowledge for the agency and new members.