Spreading Holiday Cheer: IAWP Oregon Chapter’s Heartwarming Community Initiatives

The Oregon chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) has embarked on a series of initiatives designed to bring joy and support to the community during the holiday season. Among the noteworthy projects, the focus has been on reaching out to two distinct groups: shut-in seniors and veterans at the local VA domiciliary.

Gift Boxes for Shut-In Seniors:

IAWP members, collaborated to create and distribute gift boxes for shut-in seniors. This heartwarming project aimed to provide a bit of holiday magic to those who might otherwise be isolated during Christmas. Chalene Grafton, drawing on her past experiences, played a significant role in orchestrating the assembly of the gift boxes. Steve Osborne, a member based in the Medford office, displayed exceptional efficiency in quickly organizing the effort.

The initiative, successfully executed with the help of various IAWP members, culminated in the delivery of the gift boxes by Uriah Lamproe on November 20, 2023. Despite time constraints, the team managed to spread cheer to the seniors, building a foundation for future community engagement.

Christmas Cards for Veterans:

In addition to the gift box project, the IAWP in Oregon extended its reach to the local veteran community. Members, recognizing the service of veterans at the VA domiciliary, decided to send Christmas cards as a gesture of gratitude. The goal is to lift the spirits of those who have served their country and may find themselves away from family during the holiday season.

Future Plans and Community Impact:

The success of these initiatives marks a promising start for the revitalization of the IAWP in Southern Oregon. Chalene Grafton, in particular, expressed her commitment to restarting the IAWP in the region, using these projects as a catalyst for future community service endeavors.

Looking ahead, the Oregon chapter of the IAWP aims to expand its outreach efforts. Plans include contacting community members earlier in the year to provide even more support to shut-in seniors during the next holiday season. The ultimate objective is to continue making a positive impact in the community and foster a spirit of giving and compassion among IAWP members.

In conclusion, the IAWP’s initiatives in Oregon reflect the organization’s commitment to community service and the well-being of its residents. By spreading holiday cheer to shut-in seniors and expressing gratitude to local veterans, the IAWP is building a foundation for ongoing positive contributions to the Southern Oregon community.