Share the Benefits of IAWP Membership And You Could Earn Big Rewards!

There is power in numbers!

Introducing the Member-get-a-Member Campaign, a membership campaign designed to both increase awareness of the value of membership in the IAWP and grow membership.

A strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign is the surest way to promote the continued growth of any organization. And increased membership means enhanced career, educational, scholarship and other opportunities for you, while also positively impacting your profession.

As an active member of IAWP, you understand the value your membership provides to your career advancement and strengthening your profession overall.  You’re also in daily contact with a wealth of prospective members at your job and through your network of professional colleagues.

There is no better promoter of IAWP membership than you.

Please distribute the membership application or let us do the work for you. Tell us who you’d like to invite by sending the recruiting form to IAWP, and we’ll send your colleagues an email that highlights IAWP member benefits and encourages them to join.

For everyone that joins from your list or the membership applications you distribute, your chances increase for prizes and recognition.

Recruiter Rewards

Recruit new members and you could earn rewards!

  • Monthly Prize –  Each time one of your prospects joins IAWP, you’ll be entered in a monthly drawing for a $50 Amazon© gift card.
  • Annual Prize – If 10 or more of your prospects join (on or before December 31, 2017), you’ll also be entered in a drawing for your choice of FREE 2018 Workforce Development Conference or two FREE  individual nights lodging at conference hotel (to be used during the 2018 Workforce Development Conference).

To be eligible for rewards, make sure your colleagues identify you in the “Who referred you to IAWP” section of the membership application.

How to Invite Colleagues to Join IAWP

  • Download the printable membership application, fill in your name as the referring member and start distributing applications.
  • An online application is also available. If your colleagues chose this method don’t forget to have them identify you as the referring member.

Tips for Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members is about sharing your membership experience with others.

To follow is a list of suggested ways to reach out to potential members and encourage them to join IAWP:

  • Publish an article in your chapter newsletter about why you belong to IAWP.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend a chapter meeting or the annual Workforce Development Conference.
  • When new employees begin working in your organization, tell them how IAWP can help them transition in their new role and walk them through the introduction process.
    • Focus on their Needs – Each individual has different needs regarding professional development. Ask questions about their professional goals and what information they seek. Based on their answers, identify and highlight the IAWP benefits that will be of the greatest value to them.
    • Plan of Action – After discussing the value of membership and your experiences with the IAWP, walk them through the process of applying for membership. Provide them with a hard-copy of the IAWP membership application or provide them with a link to join online.
    • Follow Up – Check back after a few weeks to politely inquire about whether or not they’ve joined. Ask if they have any additional questions. If they haven’t joined, your follow-up will remind them to do so.
    • Thank You – Send them a short message or e-mail, thanking them for considering IAWP membership, regardless of the outcome.

If you require assistance with any part of the invitation process, please do not hesitate to contact the IAWP as we are always available to help.  You may contact us at:

Phone: (502) 223-4459

Thank you!