Retired Member Awards

Retiree members of IAWP are vital to our Association’s future. This section includes information for retiree members. A retiree member is any person who is retired from full-member status. International dues are one-half of the full members dues.

To join IAWP as a retiree, please complete the membership form.

Retiree Award (member-individual)

The Retiree Award recognizes continued outstanding commitment to IAWP’s objectives following retirement. The Retiree Award activities are recognized by awarding points in the chapter achievement contests.


The nominee should have significant achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Advancing IAWP’s Objectives
  • Accomplishments that advanced the objectives of IAWP. Accomplishments may be demonstrated by results the individual achieved in a leadership role on a local, chapter, district or international board, committee, forum, team or special project. The accomplishments should be above and beyond the normal expected duties and accomplishments of the leadership position held.

Activities and accomplishments that contribute to furthering IAWP educational opportunities.

Activities and accomplishments that contribute to furthering IAWP membership recruitment or retention goals.

Activities and accomplishments that further IAWP communicative efforts (newsletters, website, printed materials, telephone calling, e-mails, letter writing, etc.)

Non-dues Income
Activities and accomplishments that increase IAWP non-dues income

Activities that establish and maintain positive mentoring relationships with another IAWP chapter leader.

Activities and accomplishments that further the member’s local community.


  • The nominee must have, at some point in time, retired from their employment position.
  • Nominees who have since gone back to work remain eligible.
  • The nominee’s membership status may be retired, full or life.
  • IAWP membership is required in both the year during which the activity occurred and the year in which the nomination was submitted.
  • Nominations that fail to meet each of the eligibility requirements will be disqualified.