Retiree Dues Increase

The following is in response to comments expressed about the increase in retiree dues.

Since retiree dues are the most heavily subsided at 50%, the board made the difficult decision to increase retiree dues from $25 to $50.  This increase is necessitated as dues have not increased in many years to keep up with inflation or rising costs.

With this dues increase, retirees will maintain full voting rights and continue to receive all IAWP publications.  Retirees also have numerous opportunities to take an active role in the association while also being afforded the deepest discount to attend the annual Workforce Development Conference. As a way of honoring our most long-standing members, the board also added a new benefit to forgo membership dues being charged to those members 80 years of age or older.  Finally, current retiree members may lock in the current rate for the next year’s membership by submitting dues by December 31, 2017.

It’s understandable that some may view their membership as an opportunity to “stay in touch” and therefore the dues increase in question may not be viewed as a worthwhile investment universally.  However, the mission of IAWP extends far beyond social opportunities and, as a result, all our members, including retirees also benefit by:

  1. Staying abreast of current happenings within IAWP and the workforce profession
  2. Supporting efforts to improve jobs and the economic well-being of citizens world-wide
  3. Sharing expertise by teaching programs, writing articles and organizing workforce events
  4. Gaining fulfillment by mentoring younger workforce professionals
  5. Supporting the role that IAWP may have had in advancing your career
  6. Volunteering to support IAWP programs and activities
  7. Giving back to the association and profession
  8. Earning recognition through IAWP’s award program
  9. Attending the annual Workforce Development Conference and other educational programs at a discounted rate
  10. Providing input into legislative and regulatory changes

It is up to each member to decide which benefits to use and how to use those benefits.  With this dues increase, we hope to continue to expand our benefits for members in the coming months.

Be assured, one of the primary goals of your officers, the board, and me has been to ensure IAWP operates like a business, at least in financial terms. If IAWP is to remain viable, it must deliver on its social promise and be financially self-sustaining. Operating like a business isn’t just a focus on dues, but taking other steps to increase revenue and reduce costs, both of which we are doing on a nearly daily basis.

No matter what your reason, we hope after considering the financial realities, the mission of IAWP and your important role, you will continue your membership.

Thank you, and please direct any questions or concerns to me at


Steve Bent, CAE
Executive Director
International Association of Workforce Professionals