Professional Development Memorial Scholarship Fund


The applicant must be an IAWP full member to be eligible. The full member may apply for and receive a grant one time. IAWP will determine the full member’s eligibility status by the fiscal year in which the payment is made.


The maximum grant amount per full member is $50. The full member may receive grants at any time during the fiscal year on a funds available basis. Reimbursement will not be granted for fees paid for by the applicant’s employer or chapter.

Application Procedure:

A full member may obtain grant applications from IAWP chapter presidents or their official designees, from the IAWP Administrative Office, or from the IAWP website at

The full member must submit a completed application with appropriate documentation to the IAWP Administrative Office no later than 90 days from the exam date or purchase date. The Administrative Office will promptly advise the member and his/her IAWP chapter president of the final grant status. If the Administrative Office has reason to believe that a grant application should be denied, the application and the written reason from denying it shall be forwarded to the IAWP Education Chair for appropriate review and final decision.