Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the type of work people do, and how it is done. While 4IR offers new opportunities, many of today’s 1.8 billion youth worldwide youth stand to be left behind.

To address this issue, Deloitte and the Global Business Coalition for Education have co-authored a new research study, which examines the skills young people will need in the future, and recommends solutions for business to help them succeed.

The report, Preparing tomorrow’s workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For business: A framework for action calls on the business community to take a more proactive role in preparing today’s youth to ensure they are ready to become the workforce of tomorrow.

The report highlights opportunities for the business community to contribute, focusing on “how to” best practices to reach and support youth globally. It offers four key recommendations for the business community to address these challenges:

  1. Align stakeholders’ objectives and approaches: Work with the broader ecosystem to align goals and outcomes for impact.
  2. Engage in public policy: Strategically engage in public policy through dialogue, advocacy, collaboration, and influence.
  3. Develop promising talent strategies: Analyze current talent strategies–particularly those focused on youth or under-represented populations–and implement best practices to promote inclusivity and innovation, and drive economic return through differentiation.
  4. Invest strategically in workforce training approaches: Evaluate, invest, and promote workforce training programs that align with corporate social responsibility goals, talent practices, skill needs, and corporate culture.

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