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Pandemic Drives Working Americans to Seek Further Education

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The COVID-19 pandemic ignited a shift in how working Americans view continuing education, according to a new survey . The survey revealed the 85% of full and part-time employed Americans feel employers need to rethink their benefits offerings in light of the pandemic.

What are employees looking for in this current climate? Education opportunities. 78% of working Americans believe the pandemic has increased the need for organizations to support their employees with education benefits, including tuition reimbursement for degree and non-degree programs and student loan repayment programs.

What’s more, education benefits are not only driving employee motivation, but they may be a key factor in promoting workplace equality. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of American workers (65 percent) think that providing education benefits to all employees helps promote racial and gender equality in the workplace.

In addition to an increased desire for education opportunities – the availability of employer-sponsored education assistance is having a deeper impact on today’s workforce:

  • 75 percent say they would feel more motivated in their current job if they had access to education opportunities through their employer.
  • 74 percent believe these opportunities would make them feel more secure in their current job.
  • 73 percent agree that education opportunities offered by their employer would make them feel more equipped to do their current job.

Source: Bright Horizons