New Logo Unveiled During 103rd Annual Conference

Participants at the 103rd Annual Conference were the first to see a new association logo and learn of other re-branding initiatives underway at the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP).

Here are five examples of the thoughts and considerations incorporated into the design of our new logo.

  1. The image of a globe demonstrates that the IAWP is an international association. The globe also represents a tie to our rich history as a similar graphic was used in previous association logos, so reincorporating the globe graphic allows us to honor all members, past and present.
  2. Size emphasis is utilized on the words Workforce Professionals to allow the public to immediately see who and what we represent—our members—because our members are the most valued aspect of the IAWP.
  3. The role of the IAWP is to provide benefits that promote professionalism within the workforce community so we capitalized the word Professionals to stress the professional nature of our community.
  4. The logo can incorporate the name of each chapter to establish a consistent, overall branding scheme and increase the recognition of the association and its members.
  5. The color blue is utilized because it symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom, trust, creativity and intelligence. It is also the most popular color, which satisfies the largest number of members and the public at large.

We are currently re-branding association documents.  New chapter logos will be distributed shortly and new products like note cards, mouse pads, shirts etc. will soon be available as well.

Thank you for your membership and support!