New Executive Order Aims to Strengthen Cybersecurity Workforce

President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the federal government to take steps to strengthen America’s cybersecurity workforce. According to the White House, the United States currently has a shortage of 300,000 cybersecurity practitioners.

Under the Cybersecurity Workforce Executive Order, the Department of Homeland Security will:

  • Work with partners from around the federal government on several initiatives to strengthen the workforce.
  • DHS will create the Federal Cybersecurity Rotational Program, in which Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity practitioners in the federal government can serve temporary assignments in DHS, and vice versa, sharing knowledge and cybersecurity best practices, undergoing training, and providing invaluable, varied experiences to the workforce.
  • DHS will identify aptitude assessments for use in identifying current employees who would be excellent candidates to work in IT and cybersecurity.
  • DHS and the Department of Commerce will create a National Cybersecurity Workforce Consultative Process, in which stakeholders from the private and public sectors, from the federal level to local and tribal governments, academia, and others, will assess the cybersecurity workforce and make recommendations to strengthen its skill sets.
  • DHS will further work with other departments to identify and mitigate federal and non-federal skill gaps specific to critical infrastructure and defense cybersecurity through development of appropriate training curricula.
  • Finally, DHS will encourage the incorporation of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education to support training and workforce development around the country.

To view the Executive order, please click here.