Membership Levels

Full Members
Full members of the IAWP are persons who either join through chapters or on an individual basis.  Persons joining or renewing membership through their local chapter should contact their chapter representative.  A list of IAWP chapters appears here. Persons not affiliated with an IAWP chapter may apply to join on an individual basis and the application for doing so below. 

Retired Members

This category includes those chapter members who have retired from full – time employment and pay the annual IAWP membership fee at a reduced rate.

Life Members

This category includes those chapter – affiliated members on whom IAWP has conferred a paid up IAWP membership for life. A paid – up life membership shall be conferred upon any member who has held the elected office of International IAWP President. Any other member may receive a paid – up IAWP membership for life upon the recommendation of his/her chapter, submission of the appropriate membership fees (full or retiree rate) by the chapter, and approval by the Board of Directors

Members in all aforementioned categories shall be entitled to:

  • The benefits of membership
  • Have the right to vote
  • Make and second motions during any meetings of the members
  • Place names in nomination
  • Be nominated for and hold any office
  • Serve on one or more committees

Questions?  Please call 1-888-898-9960 or click here.

Level Price  
Workforce Professional $60.00 per Year. Select