Maker Spirit From Thinking to Doing

From – IAWP Taiwan Chapter

Maker is the most talked about in the trend of contemporary trends, and is also seen as an important role in starting future innovation. From the past one-way “think” learning model, the lack of “practice” of the school curriculum, to today’s creative innovation to become the main competition era, to turn the traditional concept.

From “think” to “do” the show has become the key to the impact of future competitiveness.

As we all know, the US home garage is often experimental, brainstorming, flip the collision of the laboratory, to provide a variety of creative implementation possible, Apple computer founder Steve Jobs in the garage to produce the first generation of computers, is the best interpretation model.

The United States as the leading world economic development striker, for the implementation of this grass-roots manufacturing still hold a high degree of faith. Because the link between “want” and “do” process, help to find the answer and solve the problem, more likely to induce new ideas and inventions, is the source of the current groundbreaking power. The MAB (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) launched the Fab Lab laboratory model and its educational concept, has also become an important leader of the Maker Movement.

Shaping the new core competitiveness of Taiwan

And this “Maker” trend is blowing to Taiwan, there are many young people into the digital manufacturing, Fab Lab, Maker Space to create and promote, is to use practical action to change Taiwan.

And Taiwan’s deep IT manufacturing foundation, can inspire more creative and entrepreneurial development, as the industrial transformation and upgrading of the important help. In particular, this important stage, the social and cultural sectors need to add value to enhance the competitiveness of the connotation, and through the independent innovation, will likely bring a new future for Taiwan.

Motivation from the campus

The globalization of the Internet makes international competition no longer a technology competitive, and in innovation energy, when we think about how to cultivate new generations with enough innovation, we have to do is:

From the campus began to encourage more fans to appear, the introduction of the international community organizations to participate in interactive, so that they learn to think, learn to share, learn to do so. Because “imagination” is the source of creativity, “practice” is the possibility of innovation. Every child may be an opportunity to influence the future of Taiwan, and to build a selfish environment that encourages open learning, it will make endless ideas become the core force to drive future competitiveness.

Facing the new generation of talent to develop, encourage themselves to stand on the international stage, bring new strength and innovative thinking for Taiwan, let the passenger movement from the campus began!