Logan S. Chambers Individual Scholarship – Eligibility and Requirements

Purpose: The Logan S. Chambers Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP full members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in a course(s) of study that pertains to employment and training work, or toward a degree program that relates to job performance and/or promotional possibilities.

Eligibility: The grant applicant must be an IAWP full member to be eligible. The full member may apply for a grant on a yearly basis (January 1 – December 31). IAWP will determine the full member’s yearly eligibility status by the fiscal year in which the actual grant payment is made.

Awards: The maximum grant amounts are based on the number of the full member’s consecutive years of IAWP full membership, which may include the current full membership year.

Maximum Grant Award:

  • Individual First year=$150.00
  • Full membership 2 – 4 years=$300.00
  • 5 or more years=$500.00

The total grant award may not exceed the allowable maximum for total instructional purposes, but can be applied toward several courses UP TO the allowable maximum as long as all courses are completed within the eligible fiscal year. If the full member or received partial reimbursement by direct employer payment, the full member’s grant may NOT exceed the total instructional cost LESS the employer reimbursement amount. The full member can receive grants at any time during the fiscal year OR until IAWP depletes the budgeted grant funds. Grant requests MAY NOT be covered in whole by direct employer payment; covered in whole by an IAWP chapter grant; financed in whole through other sources directly related to government type appropriations, such as PELL grants; or applied toward books, student parking or noncourse- related fees in an amount exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the grant awarded.

Course Requirements: Instruction must be provided by an accredited institution (college, university, business school or high school) OR by a recognized professional or consulting organization (such as the American Management Association). The course may not be a duplication of Employment and Training or Workforce out-service training programs. A description of the class, training or seminar along with who is sponsoring the class, training or seminar, must be submitted with the full member’s grant application.

Application Procedures: An IAWP full member may obtain grant applications from IAWP chapter presidents or their official designees, or from the IAWP Administrative Office. The full member must submit a completed application with all appropriate documentation to the IAWP Administrative Office NO LATER THAN 90 DAYS from the course-ending date. The Administrative Office will promptly advise the full member or and his/her IAWP chapter president of the final grant status. If the Administrative Office has reason to believe that a grant application should be denied, the application and the written reason for denying it shall be forwarded to the International Education Development Committee chair for appropriate review and final decision.