Logan S. Chambers – Applicant Checklist

  • Does the course pertain to employment, unemployment, training or related programs, or to a degree program related to your improved job performance and/or promotional possibilities?
  • How many consecutive years of IAWP membership do you have? (Check only one below.)
    • First year
    • 2 to 4 years
    • 5 or more years
  • Did you receive a Logan S. Chambers grant during the last calendar year?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Will the IAWP Administrative Office receive your grant application/documentation no later than 90 days from the course-ending date?
  • Was the course provided by an accredited institution (college, university, business school, high school) or by a recognized professional or consulting organizations (such as the American Management Association)?
  • Does the course result in credit hours or CEUs (continuing educational units)?
    Amount request is not:

    1. A duplication of employment, unemployment, training and related out-service training programs;
    2. Covered, in whole, by direct agency payment;
    3. Covered, either in whole or in part, by an IAWP chapter grant;
    4. Financed through other sources directly related to government-type appropriations, such as PELL grants;
    5. Applied toward books, student parking or non-course-related fees, or
    6. Conference registration fees.
  • Have you completed and signed the application?
  • Have you included the required documentation for processing and payment?For Advance Payment to Provider:
    1. Provider’s course description.
    2. Receipt with breakout of instructional costs.
    3. Provider’s complete mailing address.

    Note: Applicant must submit proof of course completion within 90 days after the course-ending date.

    For Applicant Reimbursement (full and partial):

    1. Provider’s course description.
    2. Provider’s breakout of instructional costs.
    3. Original or certified receipt from the course provider.
    4. If partial reimbursement is requested, agency documentation must show the amount of the reimbursement made to the applicant.
    5. Proof of course completion (grade report, copy of CEU certificate or certificate of completion).