Life of Former IAWP President, James Jackson Celebrated in Houston

James Walker “Jimmy” Jackson, former President of the International Association of Workforce Professionals passed away at his home on December 6, 2016.  Mr. Walker was born in Houston, Texas on January 2, 1935.  In 1955 he married Joyce Evelyn Gavion and from this union, three children were born. Later in life, Jimmy married Shirley Davis. And, in his later years, Phadra Glen was his special companion.

Following college, he began working for the Texas Employment Commission in Houston and later transferred to the Administrative Office in Austin, Texas. He worked for 33 years, finishing his career as Director of Unemployment Insurance. Mr. Jackson was an active member and officer of the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security which later became the International Association of Workforce Professionals. He served in all Texas Chapter offices and in several capacities on the International Board. He was International President in 1987, when Texas hosted the International Conference in San Antonio.

Roger Givens, a longtime friend of Mr. Jackson said, “In addition to being a successful Unemployment Insurance Director in Texas and an outstanding President of IAWP (former IAPES), Jimmy’s high character and charismatic personality made him a great role model for IAWP members and Workforce professionals throughout the nation. I was blessed to maintain a close relationship with him until his passing. It was an honor to attend his home going celebration and express the contributions he made to the Workforce community”.

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