Legislation Introduced to Boost Transportation Workforce Training

The Transportation Workforce Centers of Excellence Act has been introduced to boost transportation workforce training opportunities offered at community and technical colleges across the nation. The bill will provide $50 million in competitive grants to strengthen education and training programs in targeted industries. Grants will be disbursed to Centers of Excellence in Transportation Workforce Training, which will consist of consortia of high-performing two-year colleges.

The bill authorizes investments to develop career pathways that lead to credentials in transportation-related industries that could range from manufacturing to operation, design and engineering of infrastructure. The legislation prioritizes providing on-the-job training and work-based learning, developing dual enrollment programs to train high school students, promoting training related to new technologies and outreach and career counseling to increase participation in the transportation sector. It also promotes partnership and collaboration among employers, state agencies, and other community partners to address training needs.

Full text of bill.