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IAWP Recognized for Supporting Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Last month the IAWP contributed to the Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund through GlobalGiving. GlobalGiving recently thanked IAWP members and provided the following summary of where and how our donation is already making an impact in Japan:

  • Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) is delivering emergency support, sanitation and clothing to earthquake-affected communities and providing support to evacuation centers.
  • IsraAID is providing psychological first aid and organizing child-friendly spaces for earthquake survivors. They’re also working to improve the capacity of local nonprofits and government workers through stress management activities and training on how to deliver psychological first aid.
  • Living Dreams is fixing damaged children’s homes and providing psychological counseling for earthquake-affected children.
  • International Medical Corps is providing health, nutrition, and hygiene-related care at evacuation centers, an internally-displaced persons camp, and within local communities. They’re placing a particular emphasis on assisting vulnerable populations such as the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

Thank you once again for your generous support on behalf of earthquake survivors in Japan.