IAWP Member Receives National Recognition

Bob Uhlenkott, Director of Workforce and Economic Research for the Oregon Employment Department, was recognized for outstanding work in the field of labor market information by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA).

The organization awarded Mr. Uhlenkott the Vladimir Chavrid Award for excellence in the field of labor market information.

Mr. Uhlenkott was cited by NASWA for his efforts while the chief research officer for the Idaho Department of Labor. Mr. Uhlenkott was hired by the Oregon Employment Department in June, 2017.

In presenting the award, NASWA recognized Mr. Uhlenkott for his leadership in rewriting of the Idaho unemployment insurance law to create an improved system for tax rates strengthening Idaho’s unemployment insurance trust fund. The organization also acknowledged Mr. Uhlenkott’s efforts in working with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the way high tech industries are defined and tracked.