IAWP Annual Educational Conference: Early Registration Discounts and Educational Programs

Educational programs for the International Association of Workforce Professionals 103rd Annual Educational Conference—planned for June 26-29, 2016–are coming together.

If you haven’t already done so, register today to take advantage of many informative workshop programs and the deepest registration discounts.  Early bird discounts expire April, 25th.

We are working on a vast array of informative programs like:

  • Jobs: Where are the Jobs & Future Employment Trends
  • What Businesses Want & Need from Workforce Professionals
  • Workforce Trends: What’s New & What’s Working
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Issues in the Building Trades
  • Washington Update: Relevant Government Affairs Issues
  • International Panel: Workforce Professionals Across the Globe
  • Free Internet Tools for Workforce Professionals
  • Leadership Boot Camp
  • Veterans Service Panel
  • Credit Counseling

But that’s not all!  Here’s some more detailed information on several of the other programs we’ll have store.

IAWP & NASWA: Working Together to Support Workforce Professionals & Agencies

Commissioner Dale Pieneke, Washington State Employment Security Department

Dale Pieneke will deliver a keynote address on his role as President of the National Association of Workforce Administrators (NASWA). Mr. Pieneke will offer an informative overview on NAWSA’s mission, goals and programs while also identifying ways NASWA and the IAWP can work together to support workforce agencies and professionals.

Enhancing effectiveness of workforce professionals with foreign-born workers

Ksenia Wojcieszek-Arjomand, Career Development Association

Ksenia Wojcieszek-Arjomand with the Career Development Association will focus on the issue of professional immigrants—immigrants that have been trained in their country of origin—and how they are able to not only navigate the job search process in the U.S. but also successfully re-enter their professional field.

Ms. Wojcieszek-Arjomand’s close examination of successful professional immigrants’ experiences, allows her to provide insight on methods to help immigrants overcome the challenges in the job search process and ways you and your workforce professional peers can assist college-educated immigrants in their career transition.

Connecting the Dots

Linda L. McIsaac, Ph.D., President Xyte

New research findings and science of the mind technology can help youth and adults identify a career path, explain why they do what they do and find meaning and purpose in a job or career that will keep them more engaged and able to excel.

Xyte utilizes Dr. Linda McIsaac’s “human behavior technology” grounded in neuroscience and psychology to predict employee behavior and translate it into tangible business results. Dr. McIsaac will help participants find answers to the age old question: Who am I?  She will also identify innate capabilities using twelve minute assessment and offer practical information that can be utilized in your work assisting job seekers.

Humor in the Workplace

Bruce Baum, Professor Buffalo State College & President of HumorCreativity.com.

Data strongly suggests that organizations that create a more “fun” environment for employees show greater success than those that do not.  Professor Bruce Baum will explore strategies for infusing appropriate humor in the workplace and identify ways to increase your enjoyment of your work and your connections with colleagues.  Participants should come prepared to laugh.

The Long and Winding Road to Employee Engagement

Commissioner Dale Pieneke, Washington State Employment Security Department

A recent survey of the Washington Employment Security Department’s (WESD) employees showed that an increasing number of the agency’s staff report they enjoy a spirit of teamwork, ample opportunities to learn and grow and clear and informative communications about agency changes. The WESD was also recognized as one of the most improved state agencies in Washington.

But changing an agency’s culture is no small feat and takes time. Join Commissioner Dale Pieneke as he shares more on the changes that led to the positive outcomes being reported by the WESD. Learn how far the agency has come and what the WESD is doing to sustain the momentum of employee engagement.

Helping LGBT Customers Conduct a Job Search

Steve Jagord, Pride Center of Western New York

Transgendered people face discrimination in the jobs programs meant to connect them with job opportunities and/or training. Steve Jagord of the Pride Center of Western New York will help workforce professionals understand some of the hurdles transgendered people face and identify ways to help them overcome these barriers in the job search process.

helping Workforce Professionals Recognize & prevent Human Trafficking

Amy Fleischauer, International Institute

Those involved in human trafficking often include recruiters, contractors, employers, and others who use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, or other forms of coercion to force people to work against their will.

Human traffickers often make false promises of a high-paying job, exciting education or travel opportunities to lure people into horrendous working conditions. Join Amy Fleischauer to learn more about human trafficking — how and where human trafficking exists — and what you can do as workforce professional to impact this abhorrent crime.

Identity Theft

Melanie Grossman, Consumer Protection Board

Identity theft and fraudulent scams are some of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and victimization is easier than ever due to the widespread information available online. In many cases, acquaintances like home help or neighbors gain access to a few pieces of personal information and impose significant and devastating damage to targeted individuals.

Melanie Grossman of the Consumer Protection Board joins us to share ways workforce professionals can recognize signs of victimization and offer useful resources to help mitigate the damage caused by fraud.

Road Scholar Travel Programs

Marcia Heaney

As a leader of the lifelong learning movement, not-for-profit Road Scholar is the world’s largest and most innovative creator of experiential learning opportunities. Road Scholar has guided generations of lifelong learners on transformative learning adventures from San Francisco to Siberia, and presented almost 8,000 learning programs in the United States and Canada last year.

Join Ms. Heaney for a trip around the world as she explores the vast array of learning adventures offered by Road Scholar and why you might want to add such an adventure to your bucket list.

For detailed conference information and to register, please click here.  But don’t stop there. Watch for additional updates on educational sessions, networking events and much more!

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