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IAWP Announces New Member Interest Groups

IAWP is pleased to announce the introduction of Member Interest Groups (MIGs), designed to help IAWP members connect on the issues most relevant to them and their positions. MIGs will provide information, education and networking opportunities on specific issues within the workforce development system and will be driven by the needs of the IAWP community.  For example, if members choose to engage on apprenticeships, career pathways, unemployment or youth employment, an MIG will be created and members will have an opportunity to participate in a focused group.

According to IAWP president Mary Rogers, “workforce development is a great topic of which all IAWP members have an interest. However, most members specialize in a specific area of the workforce system and MIGs will allow members with common interests to work together.”

The link below offers a survey regarding possible topics for the first set of MIGs.  We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to help us determine the group or groups that hold the most interest and value to you.


We will collect survey responses through January 15, 2020.  After that date, we will determine the most popular topics and announce the first set of MIGs to IAWP members.

Questions may be directed to  Thank you.