IAPES Foundation

The IAPES Foundation was established in 1997 and carries a 501(c)(3) taxexempt, charitable status. It is the association’s educational development and fund raising branch and may receive tax-deductible grants and contributions from donors, other foundations, IAWP members, and corporate-giving programs.
The Foundation’s goals:
  1. Assist in improving service-delivery performance and promote professional standards for associates of workforce programs globally.
  2. Encourage problem solving techniques and solutions in the workforce arena.
  3. Foster the development of best practices of operation for workforce program functions, stimulating greater uniformity of procedures.
  4. Assist in workforce program job placement activities.
  5. Encourage networking opportunities and provide a forum of discussion for best practices for persons who work in workforce system programs.
  6. Help contribute to the advancement of peace, goodwill, and international understanding through world fellowship among persons working in workforce system programs.
  7. Acquire by gift or purchase such real and intangible properties to further the aims and objectives of the corporation. Hold, lease, sell, or convey such property through its board of trustees. Accept, hold, and use gifts and contributions of any nature for the use and benefit of the corporation and its members. Establish scholarships and participate in college/university programs of an educational nature.
  8. As officers and a board of trustees, assist in the delivery of the foundation’s aims and goals while also supporting the purposes of IAWP, Inc.