Half of Americans Think They’ll Leave Job, Flexibility Major Reason Why

According to a new poll of 2,000 employed Americans, working from home is the preferred work arrangement for many. The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of DoorDash, found that 42% of respondents would choose mostly remote work with occasional days in the office if given the opportunity to build their dream schedule, while 26% would choose an entirely remote schedule and only 9% would choose an entirely on-location schedule. In reality, 39% of respondents currently work remotely most of the time with occasional days in the office, while 24% work entirely remotely. Only 20% of respondents have more in-person workdays than remote.

The poll also found that job flexibility is important to many, with 50% of respondents believing they will leave their current job within the next year. Respondents also said that certain activities, such as one-on-one meetings and sharing meals, are better suited for in-person work. More respondents also preferred in-person meetings for social activities like “lunch and learn” presentations and happy hours.

When asked about their company culture, 36% of respondents believed it had improved overall since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Respondents said that allowing employees to raise concerns in a safe space and creating a place to connect with coworkers outside of work were the top things their employer could do to support building culture.