Freddy L. Jacobs Individual Scholarship – Eligibility & Requirements

Purpose: The Freddy L. Jacobs Student Individual Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP Student Members or Dependents of IAWP Full Members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of leadership or workforce development, who are pursuing an associate or undergraduate degree or other certification, or who are required to complete an extracurricular educational or training program to obtain a high school diploma.

Eligibility: The grant applicant must be an IAWP Student Member or a Dependent of IAWP Full Members to be eligible. The applicant seeking this scholarship in the status of “dependent” must meet all five dependency tests set forth in the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. §152, et seq.) and IRS Publication 929 – Tax Rules for Children and Dependents. Those tests are (1) Full member of Household or Relationship Test; (2) Citizen or Resident Test; (3) Joint Return Test; (4) Gross Income Test; and (5) Support Test.

The Student Member/Dependent may apply for a grant on a yearly basis (January 1-December 31). The Student Member or the Full Member of the Dependent must be in good standing with IAWP. The IAPES Foundation, Incorporated will administer the Scholarship and will determine the yearly eligibility status by the fiscal year in which the actual grant payment is made.

Awards: IAWP Student Members will be given priority in the awarding of grants and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis throughout the calendar year. Grants for Dependents will be reviewed in June and December for determination of available funds. Once all the money in the grant account is exhausted, grants will no longer be available.

The maximum grant amounts for IAWP Student Members are based on the number of consecutive years of IAWP membership, which may include the current membership year.

  • Individual First year – $75.00
  • Full membership – 2 – 4 years=$150.00
  • 5 or more years=$250.00

The maximum grant amount for Dependents is limited to an amount not more than $75.00

The total grant award may not exceed the allowable maximum for total instructional purposes, but can be applied toward several courses or seminars up to the allowable maximum as long as all courses or seminars are completed within the eligible fiscal year. If the Student Member/Dependent received partial reimbursement from other sources, the Student Member’s/Dependent’s grant may not exceed the total instructional cost less reimbursement amounts from the other sources. The Student Member/Dependent can receive grants at any time during the fiscal year or until IAPES Foundation depletes the budgeted grant funds. Grant requests may not be:

A. Covered in whole by direct payment from other sources;
B. Covered in whole by an IAWP chapter grant;
C. Financed in whole through other sources directly related to government-type appropriations, such as PELL grants; or
D. Applied toward student parking or non-course-related fees in an amount exceeding thirty percent (30%) of the grant awarded.

Course Requirements:  The course must result in completion of credit hours or continuing educational units (CEUs), or certificate of completion, proof of which must be submitted with the Student Member’s/Dependent’s grant application. Instruction must be provided by an accredited institution (college, university, business school, high school or other educational entity) or by a recognized professional or consulting organization (such as the American Management Association).

Application Procedures: The IAWP Student Member/Dependent may obtain grant applications from IAWP chapter presidents or their official designees, the IAWP Administrative Office or the IAPES Foundation. The Student Member/Dependent member must submit a completed application with all appropriate documentation to the IAPES Foundation through the IAWP Administrative Office no later than 90 days from the course-ending date. The IAPES Foundation will promptly advise the Student Member’s/Dependent’s chapter president of the final grant status. Any decision denying an application by the IAPES Foundation shall be final.

Payment Procedures: Grant payments are made in two ways: Advance payments to the educational provider, or reimbursement to the Student Member/Dependent after proof of course or seminar completion is submitted. The Student Member/Dependent may not receive advance payment for courses or seminars not yet completed and verified. The Student Member/Dependent must submit proof of course completion (a grade report or copy of a CEU certificate, or other certificate) within 90 (ninety) days of the course-ending date (hereinafter “submission period’). The Student Member/Dependent may obtain an extension for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days upon a showing of good cause as determined by the IAPES Foundation.

A. Advance Payment Procedure: Submit completed application and required documentation to the IAPES Foundation. Documentation must include the provider’s course or seminar description, a breakout of instructional costs, and the provider’s complete mailing address to which payment is to be remitted. Once the course has ended, submit proof of course completion.

B. Course Reimbursement Procedure: Submit completed application and required documentation to the IAPES Foundation within the submission period. Documentation must include the educational provider’s course description and the original receipt from the provider. If another source has partially reimbursed the Student Member/Dependent and required the original receipt for its records, the Student Member/Dependent must provide to the IAPES Foundation a certified copy of the receipt from the provider’s office and the other source’s documentation of the costs the source reimbursed to the Student Member/Dependent. In addition, the Student Member/Dependent must submit proof of course or seminar completion as a part of the documentation necessary for reimbursement.

C. Consequences of Failure to Submit Required Documentation: If the Student Member/Dependent fails to complete the course or seminar or submit the appropriate proof of course completion within the submission period, the Student Member/Dependent shall be required to reimburse the IAPES Foundation for the full grant amount that was awarded no later than thirty (30) days after the submission period has expired. Failure to reimburse the IAPES Foundation for the full grant amount will result in automatic ineligibility of the Student Member/Dependent for future grants of all types administered and/or awarded by the IAPES Foundation. Failure of the Student Member/Dependent to submit all required documentation as a part of the Student Member’s/Dependent’s request for documentation shall result in the denial of the reimbursement request.