Ealton Nelson Award Details


  • Individual and groups are eligible for the award.
  • IAWP membership is required in both the year during which the activity occurred and the year in which the nomination was submitted.
  • In the case of group nominations (two or more individuals working on the same project as a team), two-thirds (66%) of those in the group must meet the membership requirements.
  • The activity/performance to be considered must have started, ended or been ongoing during the calendar year preceding the year in which the award is granted.

Nomination Submission Components

The Innovation in Workforce Systems must include the standard nomination form AND the following submission components:

  1. Summary of Accomplishment: A (one) summary paragraph (500 words or less) that adequately describes why this person or affiliate is deserving of this award.
  2. Narrative: Provide a narrative that describes how this person or group went above and beyond. Do not simply describe tasks or activities that are part of their duties.
  3. Endorsement Letters: Attach up to two (2) letters of endorsement (optional and not to exceed 4 pages) from someone who can attest to their service. Endorsement letters are not required.
  4. Documentation: Provide documents that support or illustrate the information contained in the narrative.

Criteria and Selection

The International Relations Committee Chair, chooses the winners based on their exceptional international development activities, and prepares the nominations.