Don’t Get Fired by a Robot: How Social Intelligence Outwits Artificial Intelligence

Why did entrepreneur Elon Musk say artificial intelligence scares him more than nuclear warfare?

Artificial intelligence is showing up in all our organizations. What is it we humans can do to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly automated workforce? Are you preparing your employees for this new reality by helping them increase their productivity and performance?

What makes us most human—our Social Intelligence—is becoming our most important skill set. Behavioral learning expert Dan Day will describe a model of Social Intelligence and provide ideas you can apply to help transform your workforce into a more effective, socially intelligent organization. Mr. Day will deliver his presentation at the  2019 Workforce Development Conference, scheduled for June 16-19th in San Antonio, Texas.

Attendees will leave with answers to:

• How AI will increasingly impact your life, business and workforce
• The definition of Social Intelligence and the four keys to achieving it
• Strategies to becoming more socially intelligent

Dan Day, Director of Client Success at TRACOM Group helps people and organizations improve productivity and leadership through heightened Social Intelligence skills. He was on the BI Worldwide executive team when it achieved the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for organizational performance excellence.

A published author and speaker, Dan helps leaders and teams achieve higher performance by becoming more versatile, resilient and agile. He has presented to thousands at associations, companies and universities—always in a down-to-earth, entertaining style.