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Donna Glacken

Donna Glacken

Employment Security Dept

Program Coordinator 2 - Lead



Please list your past IAWP leadership experience including at the International, District, and Chapter level:
International Chapter Development Chair: 2018-2019 Washington Chapter President for four terms: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Washington Chapter Past President 2014-2015 Washington Chapter President Elect 2011-2012 and 2015-2016 Washington Chapter Vice President 2010-2011 Washington Chapter, Membership Chair Washington Chapter, Chapter Development Chair Washington Chapter, Election Chair State Conference Chair 2018

List your experience with other boards. Include the name of the board and the position served (i.e. Association of Nurses, President):
ROC Rochester select Babe Ruth baseball - team board member and team manager Boy Scouts of America - Cub Scout leader and board member Girl Scouts USA - GS Leader Head Start board - Secretary

Tell us about your experience leading groups towards a common goal or outcome. Please provide a specific example.
I have had the pleasure of serving as Washington State Chapter President for four terms. During those years we have made great strides to make improvements in the way we do business and run our association. One thing I’ve been extremely proud of is the 2018 Leadership training. The goal was to break down the silos of the different committees and get them to develop goals that supported each other.

The training started off with the training video from International on “Understanding your role as a Board Member” followed by discussion. We also, went over the state governing documents.
We had a speaker present goal setting where we worked as a team to build an IAWP goal setting board.

For the last four hours of training, I broke up the Committee Chairs into the following groups:

  1. Group 1 By-Laws & Policies
  2. Group 2 Events & Fundraising, Veteran, and Community Service
  3. Group 3 Membership, Chapter Development and Professional Development
  4. Group 4 Communication & Marketing

Each Committee Chair was provided with a goal setting worksheet to fill out and submit as the goals for the year.
The committee chairs worked presented their goals to the rest of the board and made motions if their goals needed a vote.
This way of goal settings has proven to be successful for our board. I see the different committees working together to make things happen.

Tell us about a time when you strongly disagreed with a decision a group or team your were part of made.  What did you do to communicate before, during, and after the decision?
There was a motion on the floor to allocate $50 for member acquisition. The plan was to put all new membership applications collected at the state conference in a drawing for the $50.
During the discussion, I voiced my concerns that the last two times we had given money for signing an application cost the state chapter much more than the $50 for the drawing. The state paid dues to International of $50, we gave the person $50 and they had not paid their dues or signed up for payroll deduction.
My other concern is that we should not be paying people to become a member. People should become members because they see the value.

Other board members stated that the risk is negated by the number of people who became members and that most people have integrity.

I asked the board to consider other ways to acquire members or work on a way to make sure we collect the dues from those who sign up.

The motion passed with me being the only one who voted “no.”
After the decision was made, I stood by the decision of the board.

What is your preferred way to communicate?  Why?
The way I prefer to communicate depends on the situation.
I think face to face gives a real sense of how a person is feels about what you are saying and that is important to both the speaker and listener.

However, if we are talking business, I prefer email or something in writing. I am one to keep reference materials to refer back to.

Tell us about a time when you led an effort to make a change within a group, team, or organization.  What was your role? How did you lead? How did you deal with conflict or resistance? What was the outcome?
Washington state received a federal grant from the Department of Labor to make process improvements to the SharedWork program.
My role was Project Manager. I am a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt. I lead by involving the entire team using the LEAN tools. I interviewed each team member to put together the current process map then we held a series of meetings together to develop the new process.

There was not any conflict but a little resistance. Sometimes it is hard for people to accept change. I assured the team that we were making changes to help them do their work in a way that serves the customer better and makes it easier for them.

We made several changes to our process. We developed new communication tools for the employers and claimants, designed new forms that were form fillable, created how to videos, trained employers using WebEx and redesigned our website.
The way we processed plans and claimant applications greatly improved.

How have you promoted IAWP within your workplace and/or community?
As a big fan of social media, I post IAWP happenings to the Washington IAWP and my personal Facebook page.
I talk about IAWP at events to let potential members the benefits of the association.

As a board we have set up IAWP information booths at many events where we hand out applications and swag.

As International Chapter Development Chair, I host a monthly meeting called Chapter Talks where we talk and share ideas to help promote IAWP.I proudly display my swag by wearing my lanyard daily and I have IAWP swag out on my desk.