Denise Carey

I have been a member of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) for fifteen (15) years. Since 2005 I have been actively enhancing the capabilities of workforce. Within the development profession and skills of workers through the IAWP, I have has held the positions of President of the Maryland Chapter and District Director for Districts II and IV by providing outstanding service, particularly in the areas of staff training, outreach and membership promotion.

I consider myself a successful leader with the characteristics of vision, courage, integrity, humility, focus, and planning. By successfully growing in my career from Office Secretary to Labor Exchange Administrator (LEA). This growth has led me to becoming a LEA managing two (2) American Job Centers in the Susquehanna Workforce Region.

After joining the IAWP I received advanced training and mentorship in all aspects of my workforce development. IAWP has enhanced my career experience and courage to immediately engage strategically in a new area that helped to provide a clear focus and understanding of the needs of customers, business, staff/coworkers and community.

I have engaged myself within the Susquehanna Workforce Board. As a Board member, I joined the Finance and Business Engagement Committee knowing this would help enhance my knowledge of the area resources, programming, available assets, business and community priorities.
Leading by example, I perform all staff functions including providing practical strategies to broaden customer service. I welcome collaborative discussions that provide fair, reasonable strategies and solutions addressing concerns and/or issues to advance our agency effectiveness.

My philosophy is that “No one should leave without assistance and feeling some sort of accomplishment.”