CWP Certification Requirements

There are four (4) requirements:

  1. Education plus Experience
    Master’s Degree with two (2) years current experience OR
    Bachelor’s Degree with three (3) years current experience OR
    Associate’s Degree with four (4) years current experience OR
  2. High School Diploma or GED with five (5) years current experience
    Professional Membership
    The applicant must have maintained membership in IAWP for the previous two (2) consecutive years or have similar membership in another workforce development professional association for the same time frame. To join IAWP, please click here.
  3. IAWP Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP)
    Candidates must pass all four (4) WPDP competencies (History of Workforce Development, Business & Jobseeker Specialist, Unemployment Insurance Specialist, and Labor Market Information Specialist). The WPDP is currently available 24/7 for online testing. See the WPDP section of this website for more information.
  4. Professional References
    The candidate must submit two (2) letters of reference: one from an immediate supervisor, and one from another person within the workforce profession who can attest to the individual’s experience, knowledge and skills. Need help explaining what you need from your references? Check out this letter to share with them that explains it all!