Cheryl Brown

Greetings IAWP Members!

I am excited to be your 2015-2016 Vice President. My passion is education. My goal is to provide new and innovative training for IAWP members.

For 15 years, I have been an active member of the Washington State Chapter and have served in several capacities including:

State Board and Sub-Chapter:

  • 3 years – Sub-chapter Jurisdictional Representative
  • 5 years – IAWP Treasurer
  • 1 year  – State Vice President
  • 2 years – State President-Elect
  • 2 years – State President
  • 2 years – Past State President
  • 4 years – State Education Chair
  • Contracts Chair (negotiated contracts for hotel accommodations for subchapter, state and district conferences and institutes)
  • Assisted with finding, interviewing, and selected speakers for events.

International Board

  • 2013-2014 District VII Director
  • Outreach Coordinator

The past six international conferences have provided me the opportunity to gain leadership skills and to invest in professional and personal growth. I have served on subchapter, state, district, and international boards as either an officer or a committee chair. The opportunity to attend educational trainings and network with members throughout the nation and internationally has broadened my knowledge of the workforce system. As the chapter treasurer for five years, serving on the international board, and attending international board meetings, I have a full understanding of the budgeting process, with its complexities and challenges.

In my current position at the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD), I supervise the Short Time Compensation (STC) program (we call it Shared Work in Washington), a unit with complex processes and requirements. I am experienced with program budget assessment, development and oversight, and monitoring a budget while planning future resource requirements for long and short-term organizational needs.

Some of my job accomplishments this past year were working alongside our agency legislative staff to conduct rule making around law changes for the STC program. I worked with policy staff on two grant requests to USDOL to pro-mote/market and administer the STC program. This resulted in the approval of over $2 million being awarded to Washington State. Since Washington’s program is the model for the nation, I have worked with several other states to help them implement Short-Time Compensation in their states.

In partnership with IAWP and ESD, I was part of a team that was instrumental in hiring professional speakers for presentations throughout the state of Washington. I also served on an interview panel as an IAWP leader along with the agency’s Human Resource Department staff to hire a professional trainer on employee engagement. The agency partnered with IAWP and the state’s employees’ union to provide this training statewide to staff. ESD is certifying some employees to conduct this training, a percentage of whom will be IAWP members.

My goal is to continue to promote our Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP) and Certified Workforce Specialist (CWS) certification programs. I want to educate agency directors about the value in these two programs for their employees and the agencies they represent. I will work on getting this certification credited to employees’ training profiles in every state. In addition to our current training opportunities, I want to work on new and exciting ways to provide innovative educational training such as webinars of interest to IAWP members to attend free of charge (or for a minimal charge). I believe offering other types of educational events will help sustain the current membership and help with our overall membership recruitment.

I welcome your support as we move forward together into a new period of enlightened education and new partnerships to enhance the development of our members and to take our organization to new heights.

Motto: Invest in yourself for your professional and personal growth through IAWP!