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IAWP Certified Workforce Professional

What is the Certified Workforce Professional (CWP) Program
The CWP credential after your name shows you are part of an outstanding group of workforce professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in workforce issues as well as shows current and potential employers your initiative in developing, maintaining, and improving your career skills within the workforce field.

Why the CWP?
Education based, choice, already doing the work so be rewarded.

How long does it last?
Two years with the option to recertify.


80 hours of approved education.  All IAWP programs are pre-approved.  For programs outside of IAWP, applicant must include the learning objectives/outcomes, length of program, and proof of attendance.

Complete the CWP Application.  The application includes the Education Journal where you will provide the list of completed education activities.

Submit payment of required fee.  Currently $99 for IAWP members or $149 for non-members.

PRO TIP:  Complete the IAWP Workforce Professional Development Program and receive 50 hours of credit towards your certification or recertification.


Your CWP expires two years from the date of issue.  Recertification requires the completion of 50 hours of approved education every two years and the payment of the processing fee (currently $69 members, $99 non-members). Join here to receive discount.

PRO TIP:  Attend the annual Workforce Development Conference and receive 20 hours of education towards your initial certification or recertification!

How do I know if the training I am attending counts towards my hours?

We are looking for education that shows a clear connection to workforce development or your professional development, it is likely it will count.  Make sure your Education Journal is clear, concise, and easy to read.

ALL IAWP provided education is pre-approved and will count towards your hours.  For all other training, you simply need to show a connection to workforce development or your own professional development.  If there is ever a question, you can email info@iawponline.org to get a program pre-approved.

Can training in my organization be pre-approved?
YES!  We are happy to work with your agency or organization to become an approved CWP provider.  Please contact IAWP for more information.

What is an Education Journal?
Your Education Journal (EJ) is where you record your training hours towards your initial certification or your recertification.  For pre-approved training, you simply need to include proof of attendance.  For all other training, you will need to include the learning objectives/outcomes, location, times, total hours, instructor name, and proof of attendance.  You submit your EJ as part of the application and/or recertification process.

How long does it take to hear back from you?
Our goal is to get back to you with a decision on your application within two weeks, however, during certain times of the year, it may take us up to four weeks.