Best Selling Author to Explore the Upside of Change at Workforce Development Conference

Change, like failure, is unavoidable and causes us to rethink our plans, our motives and our potential. And if we are to understand change in an organizational setting, we must first understand it on an individual basis.

Join us for The Upside of Change and Our Audacity to Thrive as we explore organizational change with Tina Sanchez, #1 best-selling author of The Upside of Failure and creator of The Boss Blueprint Management Course.

Ms. Sanchez has worked with CEO’s in a “state of change” for more than 17 years. Her clients are struggling to meet corporate objectives and turn to her to improve performance through assessment, training, coaching, solution-based strategies and self-mastery.

Ms. Sanchez will help us understand:

  • How to spot the upside of failure and thrive in the midst of that experience.
  • How a growth mindset is the difference between quitting after a failure and applying what you learn from that failure to succeed.
  • How the corporate landscape has changed the way we work now and will work by 2020.
  • How workers are more inspired, changing from individual contributors to collaborative cohorts.
  • How our reaction to change, not the change itself, makes tolerable or intolerable.
  • How our initial reaction to change tells more about us than any personality assessment.

The IAWP 2017 Workforce Development Conference is planned for June 18-21 at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa.

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