Awards Programs Recognizes Individuals and Groups for Outstanding Achievement

The IAWP awards program acknowledges efforts in membership recruitment and retention as well as recognizes individuals and groups for outstanding achievement and contributions to IAWP and workforce programs.  Additionally, the chapter awards program recognizes accomplishments of the chapter in the areas of  Education, Communication, Chapter Development, Recognition and Marketing.

Detailed information about the IAWP awards program is available here.

An overview of the IAWP awards program is available here.

Chapter Plans

Part of the Chapter Award nomination process is submitting a written plan of action to the IAWP administrative office. The deadline for plan submission is October 1st preceding the contest year (for example for contest year January 1-December 31, 2016, plans must be submitted by October 1, 2015.)

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Individual and Group Awards

Because the IAWP awards program may be the only venue in a state to recognize outstanding workforce professionals, it is a great benefit to members and their employers. With eleven award categories, there is ample opportunity to recognize someone who goes above and beyond. Here is a list of IAWP awards and a short description of each.

Citation Award

For a group or individual from the private sector or a non-governmental nonprofit organization, not employed by a workforce development entity. Nominee promotes legislation, specialized customer services, health and working conditions, professional advancement, and community awareness.

Frances Perkins    John F. Kennedy    harrytruman




Workforce System Customer Service Award

The Workforce System Customer Service Award recognizes individuals and groups who provide exceptional service to customers served throughout the workforce system.  The customer service can be in any area of workforce systems including, but not limited to work with job seekers, UI claimants, businesses, schools, vocational rehabilitation clients, veterans, people with disabilities, former felons, co-workers, youths, welfare recipients, and job training participants.  Providing outstanding customer service to workforce system customers, clients, and claimants is the main emphasis of this award. Workforce System Customer Service Award activities are recognized by awarding points in the chapter achievement contests.

Public Policy Award

The nominee must have sponsored enacted legislation and/or implemented policy in support of workforce development programs and/or personnel.

Administrator of the Year

To recognize a current state administrator, director, or secretary of a workforce development entity who promotes workforce development, influences legislation, provides outstanding leadership, and IAWP support.

Award of Merit

A group and individual who advances IAWP objectives and promotes workforce development programs or initiatives beyond normal expectations.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominee is an individual who shows outstanding and long-term commitment in advancing IAWP objectives, leadership and years of service (10 or more years of continuous membership)

Retiree of the Year

Recognizes a retiree who advances IAWP objectives, such as education, membership, legislation, communication, mentoring, and community service.

Ealton Nelson International Development Award

To a chapter or individual who advances IAWP objectives, international education, non-US chapter membership, International IAWP awareness, and continuity of relationship/activity.

Membership Awards

Gold Key – Recognizes all individuals who recruit 50 or more new members during the membership year.
Silver Key  – Recognizes all individuals who recruit 25 or more new members during the membership year.
Bronze Key – Recognizes all individuals who recruit 10 or more new members during the membership year.
Keeper Korps – Recognizes the individual within each chapter who is most responsible for membership renewal.