Vote for 2019 Officers and Directors

Thank you for taking an active role in IAWP by casting your vote for officers and directors.  To aide you, a link to information about each candidate is available by clicking on the candidates name. Linda DeMore – President Elect Amber Drake – Vice President Stephanie Stevens – Director Nancy Fink – Director Steve Corwin… Read More »

Stephanie Stevens

Current Employer Oregon Employment Dept Current Position/Title Operation and Policy Analyst Years as IAWP member: 22 Number of Workforce Development/International Educational Conferences attended: 15 Please list your past IAWP leadership experience including at the International, District, and Chapter level: 1999-2002 Secretary Oregon Chapter 2002-2004 President Capital Sub – Chapter 2004-2005 Past President Capital Sub –… Read More »

Study: Hiring of Formerly Incarcerated Increases When Criminal Conviction Questions on Job Applications are Banned

Formerly incarcerated individuals have a better chance of getting hired if a job application doesn’t include questions about criminal history, according to new employment research from Case Western Reserve University. In fact, the practice known as “banning the box” (as in, the box job applicants are asked to check to indicate criminal convictions) increased employment of… Read More »

Steps Recommended to Prepare for Potential Workforce Effects on Automated Trucking

Stakeholders recently interviewed by the General Accounting Office (GAO) predicted two main scenarios for how the adoption of automated trucks could affect the trucking workforce, which varied depending on the future role of drivers or operators. Technology developers, among others, described one scenario in which self-driving trucks are used on highway portions of long-haul trips.… Read More »

Webinar: How Workforce Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn to Assist Jobseekers

Not only are the skills for today’s occupations changing, so are the skills needed to successfully look for work. We invite you to attend a webinar deep-dive into the LinkedIn essential skills training. The training curriculum is designed for career counselors from workforce agencies to use to train jobseekers on how to best utilize the… Read More »

Nominations Committee Certifies Officer and Director Candidates

Cheryl Brown, IAWP Nominations Chair, reports that the criteria has been met for each of the following candidates to appear on the election ballot: Officer’s Linda DeMore – President Elect Amber Drake- Vice President Director’s at Large – 2 year term Stephanie Stevens Donna Glacken Director’s at Large – 1 year term Nancy Fink Steven Corwin The… Read More »

Report Forecasts Automation’s Sizable Impacts on the American Workforce Through 2030

A new report, titled, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, analyzes the impacts of automation on the American workforce, examining data focused on the mix of industries, geographies, and demographic groups across the U.S. The authors, focus on areas of potential occupational change rather than net employment losses or gains. Special attention is applied to digging beneath national top-line statistics to explore… Read More »

Legislation Aims to Serve Workers in Non-Traditional Forms of Work

Four bills have been reintroduced by U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) that focus on supporting Americans who can increasingly expect to work in a variety of jobs over a lifetime in the workforce. According to Sen. Warner, “Changes in the nature of work mean that Americans are more likely to change jobs and be engaged… Read More »

The Texas Chapter is Issuing a Challenge!   

Great things are planned for the 106th Workforce Development Conference, June 16-19, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, and our Texas hosts are excited to show you the beautiful city of San Antonio. As an expression of support and gratitude, the Texas Chapter is issuing a challenge to all IAWP chapters and districts.  For every dollar an IAWP chapter or… Read More »

Retiree Update

By Sharon Mike, IAWP Retiree Chair I hope this finds you doing well and surviving the nasty winter if you aren’t in the warm & sunny southern US. Below is some of the latest IAWP news for you. As always, let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you in San… Read More »