Advancing Your Career through Local IAWP Chapter Involvement

Participating in a chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) can provide a wealth of benefits for individuals working in the field of human resources and workforce development. One of the primary benefits is the opportunity to network with other professionals in your local area, build relationships and connect with individuals who may be able to provide valuable resources and support. Additionally, IAWP chapters often organize events and activities that are specific to the local community, such as industry conferences, workshops, and seminars that provide valuable opportunities for professional development and help members stay current in their field.

Another benefit is the ability to have a more direct and localized impact on the association’s activities by serving on committees, helping plan events, or even holding leadership positions within the chapter. This can help members feel more invested in the association and have a greater sense of ownership over its activities and goals. Chapter participation also allows members to understand and address the needs of their peers in specific regions, which can lead to more effective advocacy and programming at the national level, and help the chapter create specific programs that address the concerns of the region.

Furthermore, chapter membership often comes with exclusive member discounts, access to exclusive content such as webinars and publications, and other perks. Participation in chapter events also provides an opportunity to connect with peers who share similar professional interests, and to enhance skills and understanding of the ever-changing field of human resources and workforce development.

The relationship between the parent organization and the chapter is one of support and collaboration. The parent organization, also known as the national or international organization, establishes the overall mission, vision, and values of the association, and sets the policies and guidelines that govern the operations of all the chapters. The chapter, on the other hand, serves as a local extension of the parent organization. The chapter is responsible for implementing the policies and guidelines established by the parent organization and carrying out the association’s mission, vision, and values in their local area. The parent organization provides resources, support, and guidance to the chapters, and the chapters, in turn, help to promote the parent organization’s mission, vision, and values. Together, the parent organization and the chapters work towards achieving shared goals to advance the field of human resources and workforce development.

Photo: Illinois Chapter IAWP