Virtual Learning Experience For Workforce Professionals – Workforcedev2020

WORKFORCEDEV2020 is an all new event for workforce development professionals from across the country and around the world.  This two day event features thought leaders and experts who will help each of us reimagine how we do our work, reconnect with colleagues, and reenergize ourselves.

Featuring two workforce development rock stars….

RICH FELLER, Principle, Rich Feller & Associates

Reenergizing “What Color is Your Parachute” to Reimagine and Reconnect with Work in the Future
This interactive, video enhanced session puts fuel behind all that works for you. It nudges you to reimagine connections with your career and clients.  It challenges you to create possibilities of the how, why and where of work. What Color is Your Parachute, the most popular career book written, taught us to reflect on experiences, create a self-inventory of achievements, and translate stories into transferable skills. What’s next for the careers of workforce professionals and their clients? Bring your pens, possibilities, and potential to design “what’s next” at work and the Good Life!

ELISABETH SANDERS-PARK, President Worknet Solutions

Knowledge Nomads: Helping People Thrive in a Job-less Work Environment
100 years after Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, America is witnessing the decline of the traditional ‘job.’ The emergence of the ‘gig economy’, quickly-evolving technology, and globalization have begun to significantly disrupt and reshape how people choose, create, and maintain work and income. Based on recent data, this session helps e practitioners understand these emerging realities, challenge outdated and ineffective mindsets, and cultivate new more useful perspectives. They will increase their knowledge and confidence in helping job seekers, career changers and workers prepare for and thrive in today’s environment… to to thrive in their own career! 

Speakers and Workshops

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Enhance Your Transformational Leadership Skills: Increase Feelings of Equity and Equality
Treena Chabot, Principal Consultant

3 Things Every Recruiter Wishes Candidates Knew About Interviewing
Scott Faurot, Founder

All on Board: Helping Immigrants and Refugees Chart a Pathway to Employment
Sandra Marsh-McClain, Senior Program Manager

How to Mind Your EQ. IQ… and AQ
Emanuel Thomas, Transformational Mindset Coach

Rejuvenation Through Meditation
Daniela Nastasi, Meditation Expert, Speaker & Coach

Purposeful Culture Change Begins with Narrative Intelligence
Christina Blacken, Founder, Chief Story Strategist

A Leader’s “No”: When “No” Becomes Your New Bestie
Tessie Watts, M.S., CEO / Leadership Strategist

Emergence: A New Paradigm for a Post-COVID World
Jessica Campain, Facilitator & Career Counselor

Multipotentiality In the Workplace
Mia Wilson, Owner

Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others
Kevin Wayne Johnson, Founder/CEO


Have you played the Who You Are Matters! game? Now virtual, you can experience this personal growth and career discovery group program.  During this program you will develop professional skills, communication, emotional intelligence, storytelling and listening, and networking as well as gain personal growth and explore “what’s next” possibilities.  This program will develop the skills of and provide new tools to workforce development professionals, career counselors, HR professionals, and more.

Safe, fun, and evidence-based, ConversationsMatter is a 3-part program and yours at no cost if you register for WorkforceDev2020 by August 7.

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WORKFORCEDEV2020 is presented by IAWP, the leading association for workforce development professionals.